Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hello Everyone,
just a quick post to say sorry I haven't been posting recently. I'm currently suffering from tonsillitis and have been doing everything I can to get better! I have a dance show Saturday so need to be better for that! I will be back to blogposts soon!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm back! (Everyday Makeup)

Hello everyone, i'm back! Been super busy with University exams and have my exams back (I passed, yay!) , but I am done for summer now, so blog posts will be more regular now!)
I thought i'd bring it back with a makeup post, on what I wear for my everyday makeup!
To be honest, its hardly anything as you will see, but i'm not one for wearing loads of makeup everyday!

Mascara: False lash Telescopic, Blusher: BeautyUK,
Highlight/Eyeshadow: MUA, Bronzer: BM Mineral Bronzer
I love this mascara! Its completely my everyday 'go-to' mascara. 
For me, it totally looks like I have false eyelashes on, so its perfect for in the daytime and nighttime, but doesn't look to over the top! This also just makes me not even need eyeliner. I feel this mascara is all I need!
This blusher is great! Very pigmented, but depends how much you use depending on the look you want. When I want a subtle rosey look I use very little, but also for when i'm dancing in shows, it can create a very dramatic look! It was also very inexpensive, about £2 I think.
This is by BM beauty, which I got in my Glossybox, but I definitely will be getting another one! It leaves a lovely golden glow, and I prefer it so much when I haven't got foundation on. It strangely complements my freckles and makes me look very natural! Also, a little goes a long way!
This MUA product is formally a eyeshadow, but I tend not to use it as that. It works perfectly as higlight, on the tops of the cheeks, under the brow and on the cupids bow of the lip! Its a lovely natural beige colour, but when put on blends right in with the skin, leaving a subtle shimmer! This too very inexpensive!

Overall, I feel these products are very inexpensive, yet are great for a natural/everyday look. I do feel this will change for me in the winter months, but for the summer this works perfectly! 
What are your everyday makeup products? Have you tried any of mine?