Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Weekly Wishlist #1

From Right to Left
1. Fluro Pink Peek Platform Shoes - Topshop - £80
2. Grey Pocket Blazer - River Island- £40
3. White Sequin Shell Top- Topshop - £45
4. Black Lace Insert Bodysuit - - £10
5. High Wait Floral DIY Shorts- Miss Selfridge - £35

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Vintage Jewellery

Just a quick post to show a piece of Jewellery that I have recently purchased, nothing special, but I love it

First is this Vintage Antiqued Gold Peacock Necklace with green, brown and blue peacock feather under the gold detail of the peacock. Also a blue gem stone on one of the gold peacock feathers. Its on a long 30" chain, which personally I prefer longer necklaces. I'm starting to take a fancy to vintage jewellery, so this is the start to the collection. I love it. I actually brought this off Ebay for a really cheap price.
I would definitely suggest if you wanted to start out buying Vintage Jewellery, Ebay is a great place to start! 
Does anyone know any other places to find sweet Vintage Necklaces? xo

Friday, 25 May 2012

cheeky day in the sun

Lets be honest, today has been glorious! and was just an excuse to make this post and on another note, crack out my Spain flip flops that have been hidden away from last year! Super comfy for just pottering about in the garden or running errands! I spent today, revising in the garden with my younger brother, chilling etc etc; (not much to show for it, mind you) however tonight i'm going for a stroll along with river with the boyfriend and taking a cheeky trip to the pub for a bevvy in the sun! wonderful!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

May GlossyBox - Anniversary

 May GlossyBox!
So its the time in the month when the Glossybox's arrive! And I can't describe how excited I was this morning when I opened it! Its the 1st Birthday of Glossybox so I was sure to expect a surprise!
Firstly, as you do, I took the lid off and the was the standard card which explained the products and the blurb on the back page! As i took it out the most amazing paper was revealed! the pink create paper (which I am keeping!) covered in bows, lipstick, cakes etc was definitely the sweetest touch! How Cute?!

 Now for the products (by this point i'm to excited haha!)
As an extra little gift, they put in the box and compact mirror with Glossybox and the logo on the front, which was very nice, and a very handy extra! Also a balloon, which they wanted everyone to blow it up take a picture and tweet! Such cuteys!
Right so,
Noble Isle: Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel.
I love getting new bath/shower products but always afraid they all smell the same! I wanted something a bit different this time! Regardless of my thoughts I was pleasantly surprised! It has a really rich scent, not to overpowering, but it does remind me of a summer fragrance, its very fruity; in fact toned with elder-flower and gooseberry! Its a really good size, 75ml in fact which will last me a while!

Lolita Lempicka: L'Eau en Blanc
I'm a sucker for fragrances, I love trying new ones and comparing which is best for what occasion etc! This is a very sweet fragrances that leaves a really nice subtle scent on the skin! It does remind me of an impulse spray slightly, although off the top of my head can't remember! I only did a tester spray on my wrist just to see how long it lasts, so far so good! The price for a 100ml is £65, which some may say is pricey, however because I am not familiar with the brand itself I cant really make judgement on that, it is made in Paris. The fragrance is available from House of Fraser.

Lolita Lempicka: Si lolita
This is the other fragrance and I instantly fell in love! Its such a beautiful scent and completely reminds me of summer time! its very sophisticated but I think it suits day and night time! it is quite strong so little will go a fair way. Its totally flawless! Even the packaging was the cutest! My favorite product in this box! This perfume, is £63 for the 100ml and also available from House of Fraser! With Vanitas from Verscase and this one also, Glossybox have totally impressed!

Weleda: Face Cream/Body Milk:
This is just a simple face/body cream made with natural ingredients. I haven't opened it, but I have a weleda product and I really liked it. I will update this post if I really like and if i does make a difference to my skin!

Uniqone: All In One Hair Treatment
I was super excited to see this, because I have been waiting to find a perfect leave in spray for my hair! This product infact claims to provide:
1. Repair dry and damaged hair
2. Shine and frizz control
3. Heat protection
4. Silkiness and smoothness
5. Hair colour protection with UVA and UVB filters
6. Easier brushing and ironing
7. Incredible detangling
8. Long lasting hairstyle
9. Spilt end prevention
10. Adds body
This may just be a miracle leaving in spray! Can't wait to see the results and I will be purchasing again if it works. Its £13.99 for a 150ml bottle, great and Its sold in hairdressing salons!

Lets Go Lashes: 
Fake Lashes EEEK, this is the best box! Seriously, I love trying new fake lashes, perfect for a night out, more natural the better and these are totally natural! They come with adhesive glue, which is a bonus and they are reusable if you take good care of them! I have never heard of the Lets Go brand, but will be sure to check them out! There are 40 styles to chose from and I have number 3. Also made from 100% human hair, and our £8.95 per strip, which I got in my box the full thing! How exciting!

What do you all think of the Glossy Box this month?! :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lipstick Review

Hello! So, as I assume most girlys own a Rimmel Lipstick, there great prices for a decent quality. This particular one is the Lasting Finish Lipstick in the colour Coral in Gold, and it is what it says; a beautiful coral colour. To be honest I've always been a Nude, Pink or Bright Red Lipstick girl. However, after watching Zoella's Mac lipstick collection and seeing a orangey/coral I fell in love with the one she showed and thought it was about time I tried a different shade of lipstick! Obviously it being a trial run to see if it suited me, I didn't want to buy a Mac lipstick because of the price, so a standard Rimmel one was probably the best option and I absolutely LOVE this. Its quite matte so I tend to put a clear or shimmery gloss on top of it as feel it sometimes dries my lips out on its own, but nevertheless, lives up to names and stay on all night long! I realise now, coral and orangey lipsticks do suit me, as long as its not to overpowering! Therefore will be purchasing another :)

I purchased mine from amazon, as the deal was good, but any drugstore will have them!

Any suggestions? Please leave a comment, thankyou x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Whats happenin'

Just a quick 'whats going down in my life' update. I'm currently in revision mode for my exams, particularly one I have tomorrow, Physiology, eek! This is for my degree I am studying Sport and Physical Education! I have another exam on the 30th of May for Psychology of Sport and then I am done for Summer (PARTY TIME), meaning more blog posts etc! At the mean time this is whats going down, and to be honest I working my lil socks off but will be so relieved when its over!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Perfume Review- Vanitas by Versace

Now, i'm not the sort of girl to splash out ridiculous money on a perfume, but how could I not resist with this. I was first introduced to the Versace fragrance, in a Glossybox this year. I was so excited because I realised they definitely pushed the boat out for their products! It was a tiny bottle only about 5ml, however wasn't a spray lid (like this one) but just came with a cap so you could determine how much you applied! It was perfect! Then the fateful day came when i stupidly put it in my bag and went off to London, later to find the cap had come off and no longer had any left, my heart was literally broken,! Moaning for ages about how lovely it smelt (still having the scent drowned into my bag mind you) I plucked up the courage to fork out for a new bottle. Using my initiative (which doesn't happen often) I had a search on Ebay for cheaper deals but still the product was brand new! I found this one, for £40!! AND to make it even better, a 100ml! Cant go wrong; only down side however its a spray instead so wont last as long, but couldn't help but jump at the opportunity.

The fragance itself is a very classy, warm and very womanly scent, which will literally linger on your skin all day! The scent is combination of the tiare flower, lime, freesia, cedar wood and tonka bean! A few mystery scents in there, but nonetheless a wonderful aroma!!
It can be purchased from Harrods as advertised by the Glossy Box but is available most fragrance sites and prices do vary!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Orly, Topshop Ice Crush, Primark

Favorite Nail Polishes 
From right to left:-
This nail lacquer is from Orly, which I actually received as part of my Glossybox. It's in the colour Ruby and I feel its a really classy colour and great for the winter time as it has relates to me the warm/cosy feel. If you don't want a bright red colour but something a bit more darker this is the perfect colour for you! Personally I prefer it on longer nails, it looks great, as I have long fingers, however short nails can work it! Its suggested retail price is £6.95 which can be purchased of the Orly website, however I believe its stated in US Dollars. Overall, a beautiful colour that is very classy and very womanly!
This nail polish is from Topshop which i'm pretty sure most people own! I never really heard of Topshop's beauty products getting much attention however the Nail polish have totally taken everyone by storm. This particular colour is Ice Crush, which personally is my favorite one. Its primarily a clear base, but jam packed with glitter specs with bigger holographic chunks of glitter (which under any light looks simply amazing). Wearing it by itself looks gorgeous, but also having it on top of a different colour also works so well! The polish itself is such a good size, and is well worth the money. It retails at £6 which is understandable as Glitter Polishes always come out more expensive. The most simple, natural, matte colours are £5. They are available in stores and online. I definitely will be picking up a lot more!  
Lastly, this polish (would you believe it) is from Primark! It is the most gorgeous hot pink colour however not to bright! There is no shimmer or glitter very plain but the perfect pink in my eyes! It actually came in a pack of 4, but this one stood out most to me! The pack of 4 was around £4 I believe which is awesome (blue, mint green and lilac; were the others), and i'm so happy I found them! As you may think that its quite inexpensive the quality is not great however, its so thick and pigmented so 2 coats is all you need! Its a very summery colour and will look great to any parties, on finger nails and toe nails! Great product!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My favorite shoes 
These are currently my favorite shoes that I purchased about 6 months ago. However since its Spring and Summer is slowly upon us, I think they are perfect for the two seasons. As you can see there is floral designed fabric across the ankle, side, and top of the foot, with a criss cross design on the top of the foot. 
The peep toe adds a cute edge, as i'm sure most girls love to show off there favorite nail polishes in these summer months, and I personally think a  hot or baby pink would be perfect! They have a zip at the back/top of the shoe which is white so it blends with the white back colour of the floral design.
The platform section of the shoes is cork with a 4" heel. Despite this may seem daunting, I am 5"11 and can walk in these fine, I do find wedges a lot comfier especially on nights out. They are easy to pair with clothes with subtle colours, but any style of clothing is fine, dependent on the occasion I suppose!
I purchased these shoes in fact from a shop on Ebay for £22.99 with a postage cost of £3.49 which I thought was very reasonable! the make is Truffle and our very easy to find!
All in all, a great price & a great pair of shoes!