Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Orly, Topshop Ice Crush, Primark

Favorite Nail Polishes 
From right to left:-
This nail lacquer is from Orly, which I actually received as part of my Glossybox. It's in the colour Ruby and I feel its a really classy colour and great for the winter time as it has relates to me the warm/cosy feel. If you don't want a bright red colour but something a bit more darker this is the perfect colour for you! Personally I prefer it on longer nails, it looks great, as I have long fingers, however short nails can work it! Its suggested retail price is £6.95 which can be purchased of the Orly website, however I believe its stated in US Dollars. Overall, a beautiful colour that is very classy and very womanly!
This nail polish is from Topshop which i'm pretty sure most people own! I never really heard of Topshop's beauty products getting much attention however the Nail polish have totally taken everyone by storm. This particular colour is Ice Crush, which personally is my favorite one. Its primarily a clear base, but jam packed with glitter specs with bigger holographic chunks of glitter (which under any light looks simply amazing). Wearing it by itself looks gorgeous, but also having it on top of a different colour also works so well! The polish itself is such a good size, and is well worth the money. It retails at £6 which is understandable as Glitter Polishes always come out more expensive. The most simple, natural, matte colours are £5. They are available in stores and online. I definitely will be picking up a lot more!  
Lastly, this polish (would you believe it) is from Primark! It is the most gorgeous hot pink colour however not to bright! There is no shimmer or glitter very plain but the perfect pink in my eyes! It actually came in a pack of 4, but this one stood out most to me! The pack of 4 was around £4 I believe which is awesome (blue, mint green and lilac; were the others), and i'm so happy I found them! As you may think that its quite inexpensive the quality is not great however, its so thick and pigmented so 2 coats is all you need! Its a very summery colour and will look great to any parties, on finger nails and toe nails! Great product!

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