Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My favorite shoes 
These are currently my favorite shoes that I purchased about 6 months ago. However since its Spring and Summer is slowly upon us, I think they are perfect for the two seasons. As you can see there is floral designed fabric across the ankle, side, and top of the foot, with a criss cross design on the top of the foot. 
The peep toe adds a cute edge, as i'm sure most girls love to show off there favorite nail polishes in these summer months, and I personally think a  hot or baby pink would be perfect! They have a zip at the back/top of the shoe which is white so it blends with the white back colour of the floral design.
The platform section of the shoes is cork with a 4" heel. Despite this may seem daunting, I am 5"11 and can walk in these fine, I do find wedges a lot comfier especially on nights out. They are easy to pair with clothes with subtle colours, but any style of clothing is fine, dependent on the occasion I suppose!
I purchased these shoes in fact from a shop on Ebay for £22.99 with a postage cost of £3.49 which I thought was very reasonable! the make is Truffle and our very easy to find!
All in all, a great price & a great pair of shoes!


  1. love the wedges! they're perfect for summer!

  2. These shoes are beautiful! :)