Thursday, 17 May 2012

Perfume Review- Vanitas by Versace

Now, i'm not the sort of girl to splash out ridiculous money on a perfume, but how could I not resist with this. I was first introduced to the Versace fragrance, in a Glossybox this year. I was so excited because I realised they definitely pushed the boat out for their products! It was a tiny bottle only about 5ml, however wasn't a spray lid (like this one) but just came with a cap so you could determine how much you applied! It was perfect! Then the fateful day came when i stupidly put it in my bag and went off to London, later to find the cap had come off and no longer had any left, my heart was literally broken,! Moaning for ages about how lovely it smelt (still having the scent drowned into my bag mind you) I plucked up the courage to fork out for a new bottle. Using my initiative (which doesn't happen often) I had a search on Ebay for cheaper deals but still the product was brand new! I found this one, for £40!! AND to make it even better, a 100ml! Cant go wrong; only down side however its a spray instead so wont last as long, but couldn't help but jump at the opportunity.

The fragance itself is a very classy, warm and very womanly scent, which will literally linger on your skin all day! The scent is combination of the tiare flower, lime, freesia, cedar wood and tonka bean! A few mystery scents in there, but nonetheless a wonderful aroma!!
It can be purchased from Harrods as advertised by the Glossy Box but is available most fragrance sites and prices do vary!

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