Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lipstick Review

Hello! So, as I assume most girlys own a Rimmel Lipstick, there great prices for a decent quality. This particular one is the Lasting Finish Lipstick in the colour Coral in Gold, and it is what it says; a beautiful coral colour. To be honest I've always been a Nude, Pink or Bright Red Lipstick girl. However, after watching Zoella's Mac lipstick collection and seeing a orangey/coral I fell in love with the one she showed and thought it was about time I tried a different shade of lipstick! Obviously it being a trial run to see if it suited me, I didn't want to buy a Mac lipstick because of the price, so a standard Rimmel one was probably the best option and I absolutely LOVE this. Its quite matte so I tend to put a clear or shimmery gloss on top of it as feel it sometimes dries my lips out on its own, but nevertheless, lives up to names and stay on all night long! I realise now, coral and orangey lipsticks do suit me, as long as its not to overpowering! Therefore will be purchasing another :)

I purchased mine from amazon, as the deal was good, but any drugstore will have them!

Any suggestions? Please leave a comment, thankyou x

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  1. This lipstick colour is amazing!

    Tanesha x