Tuesday, 15 January 2013

GlossyBox 2013: Detox Edition

 Hello Everyone! This is the first GlossyBox of 2013 so it was only right of me if I make a post on it!

Eco Boutique: Body Lotion with Aloe Leaf and Green Tea
This Body Lotion is very refreshing and smooth, and feels great on the skin after a shower/bath. Its a very natural smell as Aloe Leaf is a primary scent for anything fresh and organic, its also brilliant for the skin! I think this is perfect especially after this spell of cold weather where your skin can become dry and needs a bit of TLC.

BM Beauty: Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder
This very fine powder is a great way to create that dewy effect on the skin to give it a bit of life! It has a gentle glow and settles in the skin making you look healthy and really alive (if that makes sense). You can either use it as a top powder on Foundation or just as a highlighter depending on the look you are going for! BM beauty products in all are great quality and give you a great finish, as I have tried a bronzing powder also! Recommend this.

Monu: Micro Exfolioant
Too add into your morning and night routine this exfolioant gives you instant radiance from the first wash I found. My personal skin care routine isn't that extensive, I feel on its own this would do a great job (for me personally)! The fragrance is fresh and natural and leaves the skin feeling soft and a great starting point to put make up on afterwards.

Murad: HydroDynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes
This is a great eye cream that does exactly what it says on the box! Its completely hydrating and my eye area  is a lot smoother and you can definitely tell the difference. It makes you look so awake even before applying makeup. I haven't tried it with another product yet but I think it would work well with the Murad Primer on top! I shall give it a go! The full size of this product is £57!! It must be doing some good!

Sanctuary Spa: Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask
For me most face masks have the same results and so I don't tend to use them often. I haven't used this yet but I am intrigued. It creates a heat warming effect on the skin and there are 2 steps to complete. It states in the leaflet that you can only really see a considerable difference after 4 weeks, which I doubt this sample will last 2, but I shall try it and see if I get any immediate effects. Have any of you guys used/tried this?

So.. that's all for this months GlossyBox and I am actually really impressed even though it was all skin based. Its refreshing to have something different and now I reckon this will change my outlook on skin care and make me pay a bit more attention to it. I always thought I had pretty decent skin but with a bit of TLC there are products that can make it a little bit more fresh and appear healthy!
If you receive the Glossy Box what did you guys get? Anything similar? Would love to know and compare products!

Thankyou for reading!

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