Friday, 8 June 2012


Okay so I know as far as dilemmas go this is a bit sad, but being a girl, who is practically a giant I need some advice! So, I want to buy a maxi skirt which probably for my height may not look right? but i'm willing to be a chancer and try it. My problem is which style will suit my better. Being 5ft11 i'm not sure what style to go for? what will make me look a little shorter? or look better for my height?
As my options stand, the best 3 would be:
1. A full length plain maxi skirt, pleated or unpleated (not bothered), chiffon material - not jersey.
2. An asymmetrical skirt (meaning, high front hem- low back hem) same material.
3. The material above the knee opaque and below the knee, see through- still full length however.

Being fussy about particular clothes, I would be the one who finds skirts they like in the perfect colours online instead of when I physically try one on when I go shopping, therefore I want to order the right one. You may be thinking, send it back? but I cant be doing with all that haha!

Please if you have any suggestions? Or if you had the same problem and resolved it, please leave a comment below. Would be appreciated!  



  1. maxi skirts are like made for tall girls am tall myself the problem is you DONT wanna look shorter,you have to make the choice based on what style suits your body and puts emphaisis on your positive elements such as your legs!Focus on the legs maxi skirt is deffo the way to go!!

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    1. Thankyou so much! I thought i'd get someone else's opinion first :)
      Thanks for the follow, I shall check yours out :) x