Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekly Wishlist #2 (Random)

I thought i'd apply this weeks wishlist to a Sport theme. As i'm studying Sport and PE at University, here are some things that couldn't benefit me in my 2nd year at Uni and also general wishes as well! 
This is random I know, hahah!

England Shirt: Obviously it being quarter finals tomorrow against Italy and being the Euros in general, I should upgrade my England Shirt. Its such a nice design and simple too! The red is a great contrast and a nice way to show our countries colours. Looks good on the players too ;)
West Ham United 2012/2013 Away Shirt: The endless amounts of West Ham shirts I have, do I really need a new one? Yes, yes I do! haha, i'm worse than a bloke! But you know any games I may go to, I feel I should keep up haha, Come on you Hammers!
Jack Wills Buckland Bag: This is more of a desire than a need. I currently use my West Ham holdall for fixtures and dance classes but this is just lovely and would be a bag I would love to have. It being £79 though is hard to justify but I guess with Jack Wills that is what you get!
Nike Dri Fit Socks: This is random but I actually need socks! Plus these are great for minimising sweat because of the fabric and also is anti blister! 
Nike Shorts: Once again, loads of pairs of shorts but I love Nike shorts. They are so comfy for any activity, especially in the summer, they are very airy and the fabric is not designed to keep heat in. Very spacious shorts, they do the job but still keep in fashion aspect for those whoever love everything Nike.

Any must have leisure/sport/fitness items this summer or for education purposes?
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  1. I love the Jack Wills bag, perfect for dance or running!

  2. love the bag and nike shorts! (:
    new follower here! Happy blogging.