Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Rosy Lips!

I've got to be perfectly honest, some days I just cant bothered with lipstick or lipglosses, but still want something on my lips so make them shine. One day I was routing around Boots and I came across this, Vaseline - Rosy Lips. Just like any normal Vaseline, however a beautiful deep rose colour with the most amazing smell. I find it enhances the natural colour of your lips and is obviously so moisturising as Vaseline is anyway! Its a really subtle shade and you only need a small amount, little goes along way as they say! I have had this since December and haven't even got 3 quarters of the way through! Just a simple alternative for a subtle colour on your lips even if its just popping to the shops! No one would believe its Vaseline!


  1. This is so adorable ^^ I hope I can find this product in Canada to give a try :) Thanks for sharing ! Maybe we can follow each other ?

  2. i first used this rosy vaseline on holiday in cuba so every time i use it now it takes me back to then! i adore it! plus on holiday it's a must have for me to keep my lips from drying out :)