Friday, 15 June 2012

red and suede

So, i think i've lost the plot.. hahah
only gone and spent money on something completely outrageous, for me anyway that is!
brace yourself..

I literally had an epiphany and thought to myself; I want some red, suede court shoes.
They were 9.99 from Ebay!
Not joking, these are soo high, even the platform doesn't justify anything! 
I'm 5ft 10 and in these i'm 6ft3! WHAT
I think I may just have them for decor on my chest-drawers.
I must be completely nuts.
Oh well:)

I took this photo with Instagram
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  1. Oh wow! These look beautiful and I can't believe they were only 10!! Bargain!

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  2. these are so lovely! if they weren't so high I'd get a pair for my brother's wedding!

  3. Omg lovely shoes for so cheap! xx

  4. OMG what a bargain for 10quid! They are really nice, although I wouldnt stand a chance attempting to walk in them haha